Immigration Fees Public Consultation Non-UK Military Personnel: The Outcome!

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Immigration Fees Public Consultation Non-UK Military Personnel: The Outcome!

We are delighted with the outcome of the immigration fee public consultation announced today.  The aim of the consultation was to invite interested parties to answer several questions concerning the policy on waiving fees for Non-UK Service Personnel who meet certain criteria when applying for settlement in the UK at the end of their service in the UK Armed Forces.


The has now been closed and the Government has issued their response.


Due to the significant and noticeable interest of the consultation – receiving over 6000 responses, the Government has decided to implement a fee waiver for the following personnel, providing they meet all other suitable requirements:

  • Non-UK Service Personnel who have served for at least six years at their point of discharge from service.
  • Non-UK Service Personnel who have been discharged due to an injury or illness attributable to service irrespective of how long they have served.
  • Non-UK veterans who are currently living in the UK and have not yet regularised their immigration status but meet either of the above criteria.


The waiver is dependent on legislation expected to take effect this spring.


Pete Hawley, the NFF immigration advisor, who contributed to the consultation said “It is fantastic to hear the news that the public consultation into the waiving of settlement fees for our non-UK personnel has concluded in favour of waiving the fees for those that have served six years, been medically discharged or veterans who have not yet regularised their stay. Many thanks to all the RN, RM personnel, and families that took part in the consultation process. This is a great example of how you can make your voice count. I now look forward to seeing this implemented later this spring and assisting our personnel with the application process.”


To read more about the consultation, please click  here.



Posted on: 23rd March 2021