Wearing of Unearned Medals

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The Royal Marines have been in RMB Chivenor since Oct 1995, but never has the bond between the public and the troops been so strong. In the sunshine and cloudless sky over Barnstaple the men and women from Commando Logistic Regiment marched proudly through the town, to the cheers and applause of their families, friends and locals. The troops marched through the town to take the Royal salute from HRH the Duke of Edinburgh, who is Capt General Royal Marines. The Dukes presence added another level to the already joyous crowd, and it was plain to see from the smiles that everyone had a good time. The police estimated the crowd to be around 11 000 strong.
On completion of a very successful parade around town the troops and their guests returned to the Barracks for a medal ceremony. The rapturous applause as they were led onto the parade, by the Band of Her Majesty’s Royal Marines, was a true testament to the jubilation felt by ever single person. The Duke presented many of the medals himself before providing us with a speech, acknowledging the support network provided by the friends and families of service personnel.

Wearing of Unearned Medals

Many thanks to all those who took part in our ‘Wearing of Unearned Medals’ survey.

We shared our findings with the House of Commons Defence Select Committee who will use this evidence when The Awards for Valour (Protection) Bill has its Second Reading in the House of Commons later this month.

The bill is intended to ‘prohibit the wearing or public display, by a person not entitled to do so, of medals or insignia awarded for valour, with the intent to deceive’.

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Thank you once again for taking the time to share your views on this important matter.