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Aggie Weston’s (Previously Royal Sailors’ Rest)

Aggie’s Pastoral Workers support Service personnel and their families, both in military establishments and within the Service community. They work closely with the Naval Chaplaincy Service to provide much needed support.

Aggie’s also provides the Braeholm accommodation and family centre at Helensburgh, which allows Service families to enjoy short breaks together. You can book into the excellent overnight accommodation at very reasonable rates, or if you have been on active deployment they offer a free Homecoming Holiday; a stay of up to a week to relax with your family.

As a Christian charity, Aggie’s works closely with the Naval, Military and Air Force Bible Society providing New Testaments and Christian literature to Service personnel and their families, including their news magazine, Ashore & Afloat. Further information on Aggie’s is available on their website.


The Royal Naval Benevolent Trust (RNBT)

The Royal Naval Benevolent Trust provides wide ranging financial assistance to serving and ex-serving Royal Navy and Royal Marines personnel and their dependants. Where there is a need they can issue grants to assist in a very wide variety of circumstances, including help towards living expenses, house repairs, disability aids and job training. They also give Annuities to some older members of the RNBT Family on very low incomes, providing them with a small but regular financial supplement.

The trust provides nursing and personal care to older individuals at their care home in Kent and is the sole trustee for the John Cornwell V.C. National Memorial. This memorial has six semi-detached cottages in Essex, which are allocated to disabled and infirm sailors and their families.

The trust can also offer advice on many welfare and naval matters. If they cannot provide the answer themselves they will endeavour to signpost you to the relevant organisation. For more information on the services they offer, please visit their website.

The Royal Navy and Royal Marines Children’s Fund

The Children’s Fund provide direct support to children whose parents work, or have worked, for the Naval Service. They offer assistance in many areas including childcare, special needs education, days out and in-home support in times of crisis.

In the last year alone, the fund has supported over 1,500 children. To reach as many children as possible, the Children’s Fund also take applications from a number of other sources, including The Royal Naval Benevolent Trust and The Royal British Legion. If a child’s needs fall outside the fund’s areas of specialism they work in conjunction with other charities to provide total care packages. To contact the Royal Navy and Royal Marines Children’s Fund, or for more information on their services, please visit their website.

The White Ensign Association

The White Ensign Association  is a registered Naval charity, which aims to provide guidance to all Service and ex-Service personnel of the Royal Navy, the Royal Marines, their Reserves and to spouses and dependants of natural beneficiaries. The association can advise on personal administration, finance, resettlement and employment on an unbiased, confidential and free basis.

Formed in 1958, with Admiralty Board endorsement, the activities of the Association are supervised by a Council of Management representing a distinguished body drawn from the City of London, Commerce, Industry and the Royal Navy. For more information, please visit the Association’s website.


The Royal Navy & Royal Marines Widows’ Association

The Royal Navy & Royal Marines Widows’ Association is a new organisation just recently formed. Please visit the associations website for more information on their work.

Whilst the organisation develops and beds in, we here at the NFF have offered to be a mailbox and sign poster; so if you would like to contact the Association please contact us and we will pass your message on. We wish them every success.


The Royal Navy & Royal Marines Charity (RNRMC)

 The RNRMC is the Naval Service’s charity for the 21st Century, providing a single focus for RN Charity and as such, is a signpost for all co-existing Naval Charities.

Its charitable purposes cover both benevolence and the promotion of efficiency, supporting the men and women who are serving, or have served in the Naval Service and their families and dependants under the overarching purpose to enhance their quality of life. Click here to visit their website.


Women’s Royal Naval Service Benevolent Trust (WRNS BT)

The primary object of this Trust is to provide relief in cases of necessity or distress among its members and their dependants. The Trust is also empowered, to make grants for the education of dependants.

Every ex-Wren or female serving member of the Royal Navy who joined the Service between 1st September 1939 and 1st November 1993 is a member. The Trust helps both officers and ratings and can assist members living in this country or overseas. For more information please visit their website.


Seafarers UK

Seafarers UK is the leading maritime charity that supports and promotes the many organisations that look after seafarers in need, across the Royal Navy, Royal Marines, Merchant Navy and Fishing Fleets,  together with their families.

Phone: 020 7932 0000

Seafarers Support

A free confidential referral service for serving and former seafarers and their families in times of need. Please call them on 0800 121 4765 or visit their website here to find out more.


Help for Heroes

Help for Heroes was launched in October 2007 out of a desire to help members of the Armed Forces who have been injured in the course of serving their country. What was started by a small group of friends with a desire to help quickly ignited support across the entire country. Within weeks celebrities, politicians, sporting personalities and people in all walks of life were wearing wristbands to demonstrate their support, embarking on fundraising events and making donations.

So far Help for Heroes has raised over £20 million. The majority of the money raised has been designated to build much needed rehabilitation facilities. Much of the money raised comes from events initiated not by the Help for Heroes team itself but from people across the country who, spurred on by the desire to help, have undertaken fundraising events.  For more information, please visit their website.



The Royal British Legion (RBL)

The Legion can provide short and long-term care in their Poppy Homes or short holiday breaks at their Poppy Break Centres, which are located in some of the country’s most popular seaside resorts. They can provide funds in a temporary crisis and operate a free handy-person service to those unable to carry out small repairs and alterations in their homes.

The Legion also campaign on a range of issues which affect Service people, they are custodians of Remembrance and raise funds through the annual Poppy Appeal. For more information on the services of the Royal British Legion, please visit their website.

The Legion is a membership organisation that helps serving and ex-Service personnel and their families, providing various welfare services and their own helpline and information service; Legionline.

SSAFA (Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Families Association)

SSAFA support those who serve in the Armed Forces and those who used to serve – even if it was only for a single day. They also care for the families of both. SSAFA’s professional staff and trained volunteers provided a reliable, caring and trusted service. To find your nearest SSAFA branch, please visit their website.

SSAFA operate a free, confidential support line. To contact Forcesline from the UK please call the freephone number: 0800 731 4880.  The line is open from 10.30 – 19.30 (UK local time) Monday – Friday.

To contact Forcesline from overseas please call:

From Germany: 0800 1827 395
From Cyprus: 800 91065
From the Falkland Islands: # 6111
From anywhere in the world (Call-back): +44 (0)1980 630854

Royal Navy Officers’ Charity (RNOC)

Formed in 1739 the Royal Navy Officers’ Charity provides support and financial assistance to serving and retired Royal Navy and Royal Marine Officers and their Reserves, spouses and dependants at home and overseas. The Charity continues to make a real difference to the quality of life for beneficiaries through the breadth of their grant making. Support includes assistance to those on low incomes, care home fees, scholarships and re-training to gain employment. Click here to visit their website.



Is an organisation that exists to work for the interests of the Armed Forces community in order to represent and support the needs and opinions of members to all levels of Government and other organisations, to identify, communicate and act on issues of common interest on behalf of members, to exchange and coordinate information between members, and to act as a single point of contact for external enquiries.

COBSEO’s membership consists of around 186 Service and ex-Service organisations; it does not have individual members. Visit their website for further details, and to read their newsletter which highlights activities and progress made.