• Research shows that Naval Service spouses and partners represent an untapped pool of skilled labour. We have put together some facts, figures and real life examples of how employing a Service spouse or partner can benefit your organisation.

  • There are many organisations that offer free employment and financial support for Armed Forces spouses/ partners. Please see a list of support you could receive here.

  • The Armed Forces Flexible Working Bill may assist some personnel to balance work and family life. Read more about it here.

  • The University of Wolverhampton’s business start-up programme, ‘Supporting the Unsung Hero’ has been awarded further sponsorship by HSBC Bank – extending the venture until 2021.   ‘Supporting the Unsung Hero’ is...

  • If you and your family are considering leaving the Royal Navy/ Royal Marines or are already on your way out, find out all of the information that you need to know about your transition in these resources.

  • A two-year tri-Federation project revealed that more awareness about the demands of transition is needed for families of Service leavers.

  • The MOD is introducing a new Defence Holistic transition policy and a new Defence Transition Service to support those families with more complex transition needs.

  • Service spouses can now add development coaching to the list of opportunities available from Recruit for Spouses, alongside help with CV’s, job matching and preparing for an interview.

  • X-Forces has set up a scheme to help Service Leavers, Reservists, and Spouses/ Partners to start their own business. Visit here for more information.

  • Veterans’ Gateway, alongside the NFF and our colleagues at the other Families Federations, have launched a ‘Plan Early’ campaign to encourage Service leavers and their family members to look ahead when transitioning into civvy street.

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