• Research shows that Naval Service spouses and partners represent an untapped pool of skilled labour. We have put together some facts, figures and real life examples of how employing a Service spouse or partner can benefit your organisation.

  • There are many organisations that offer free employment and financial support for Armed Forces spouses/ partners. Please see a list of support you could receive here.

  • The Armed Forces Flexible Working Bill became law on 8th February 2018. This law, which comes into effect for Regular Naval Service personnel from 1st April 2019, may assist some personnel to balance work and family life.

  • The University of Wolverhampton’s business start-up programme, ‘Supporting the Unsung Hero’ has been awarded further sponsorship by HSBC Bank – extending the venture until 2021.   ‘Supporting the Unsung Hero’ is...

  • If you and your family are considering leaving the Royal Navy or Royal Marines or are already on your way out, find out all of the information that you need...

  • A two-year tri-Federation project revealed that more awareness about the demands of transition is needed for families of Service leavers.

  • The MOD is introducing a new Defence Holistic transition policy and a new Defence Transition Service to support those families with more complex transition needs.

  • X-Forces has set up a scheme to help Service Leavers, Reservists, and Spouses/ Partners to start their own business. Visit here for more information.

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